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Helen Fall Performance Bio
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How Does Music Benefit the Brain?

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Studies reveal musical training in childhood aids language learning ability

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New Statistics Linking Music Education to Cognitive Development
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A Musical Fix for American Schools
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Performance Masterclass #9 will be Sunday,  April 30th. Both classes will combine for a dress rehearsal of the Annual Spring Recital. PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE: 6:30-8:30PM!  See Upcoming Events section on left side of this page for details.


Friday, April 28: District 11 Solo & Ensemble Festival*
Audrey will perform the 2nd movement of the JC Bach (Casadesus) Concerto
in C Minor
Jason will perform the Brahms Scherzo from FAE Sonata
Isabella will perform the Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel
Mia will perform Sonatina by Clementi

*For Solo & Ensemble Festival schedules and directions, go to the Festival website.

Sunday, April 30: NVMTA Strings Judged Recital
will perform Malagueña by Pablo de Sarasate
will perform the 2nd movement of the Vanhal Concerto in C
will perform the Brahms Scherzo from FAE Sonata

Tuesday, May 2: Annual Spring Recital
Truro Church, Historic Chapel
For details, see calendar on left side of this page.

Saturday, May 6: NVMTA Strings Achievement Competition (Easterling)
Brooke will perform Louré from Bach Partita No. 3 and Malagueña by Sarasate
David will perform mvt. 2 from Mozart's 3rd Violin Concerto and mvt. 1 from Vivaldi's "Winter" Concerto
Jason will perform the Menuet from Bach's Suite No. 1 in G and Scherzo by Brahms from the FAE Sonata

Check the Studio Resources/Parent Resources page for information and directions.



John was the only Fall Studio representative at the April 2 NVMTA General Recital. His performance was well done, even though he and Mrs. Bunn had not rehearsed it prior to the recital!

Brooke, Lia, and John performed at the April 21st District 12 Solo & Ensemble Festival. All received Superior Ratings.

Crystal performed at the April 21st District 10 Solo & Ensemble Festival, and received a Superior Rating.

Crystal, Lia, Clara, and Mia performed at the April 23rd VASTA Recital. All four showed impressive development of their performance skills over the year.

Bravi to all!!


Bravi to the following Fall Studio Students for Successful Auditions and Performances in the following orchestras (2016-2017):

2017 Virginia All-State Orchestra
David and Brooke violin section.
Jason  viola section.
Tyler came in as First Alternate Viola! Next year!!

2016 Northern SRO Orchestra
Brooke - Section First Violin
Jason - Assistant Principal Viola
Tyler - Section Viola

2016 North Central SRO Orchestra
David - 1st violin section

2016 District 12 Honors Orchestras
JDO - John

2016 DIstrict 11 Honors Orchestras
SDO - Audrey & Crystal

AYP Symphonic Orchestra
David - Co-Concertmaster
AYP Concert Orchestra
John - Principal Viola
AYP String Ensemble
Clara - Section 2nd Violin

Concertmasters and Principals
Audrey - Principal Viola, WT Woodson HS
Brooke - Principal 2nd Violin, Langley HS
John - Principal Viola, Herndon MS 
Maddy - Principal VIola, Holton-Arms Upper School
Isabella - Assistant Concertmaster, Robinson Area Orchestra